Telephone systems for multiple sites.

Companies that operate facilities at multiple locations face numerous challenges for properly installing and configuring a new phone system to meet their needs. To consistently ensure smooth, problem-free internal and external communications while keeping an eye on costs, it’s important to integrate all sites in a single unified system.

STARFACE offers you comprehensive solutions for linking and networking the head office and all other locations.

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We take care of hosting

Networking multiple sites via the STARFACE Cloud.

If your company doesn’t have its own data center, the STARFACE Cloud is just right for linking together all of your sites. How does it work? STARFACE operates a cloud instance for you at a GDPR-compliant data center. Both your head office and your branches have secure access to the cloud telephone system. It’s also easy for you to integrate additional sites at any time as required. The system can be controlled and administered via a web interface. Calls between sites are easy to relay. Internal calls incur no charges. Plus, you can issue external call numbers with the local area code to each branch.

Benefits of the Cloud

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Companies with multiple sites can access the features of a central telephone system anytime from anywhere, which gives them complete geographical independence.

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Cost savings.

Migrating IT infrastructure to the cloud can slash hardware and maintenance costs, since you don’t require any hardware of your own.

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The STARFACE cloud quickly adapts to accommodate your company’s growing needs. It’s easy to add more employees.

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Common access.

Thanks to the cloud, several facilities can reliably access shared data (like address books) and applications.

Useful functions for distributed sites.

Creating call groups for various sites and flexibly integrating mobile devices puts an end to lost calls.

The STARFACE app shows which employees are available to accept calls and which are already in a conversation.

STARFACE NEON, our video videoconferencing tool, is seamlessly integrated in the STARFACE app. This facilitates collaboration across sites. Staff can take advantage of a large set of powerful UCC features.

IVR make it simple for you to implement multilevel menus, which can range from the most basic multiple choice menus all the way to complex decision trees. Using a keypad, you or your customers can conveniently reach someone or the corresponding voice box via the predefined prefix.

You’ll no longer require any dedicated hardware to communicate by fax. Ten virtual lines are available “ex works” for incoming and outgoing faxes.

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Linking with branches via STARFACE VM.

If your enterprise has its own data center for relevant applications and data, you can run STARFACE VM there to operate a telephone system across all of your facilities! In this solution, branches can be linked via VPN to the data center to run the STARFACE telephone system at all workplaces: reliably and fully under your control. This lets you assign external call numbers with the local area code to each branch. As a result, all calls between branches are tollfree.

Benefits of the VM Edition

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Hosting it on your company’s own servers easily ensures compliance with your own security and redundancy standards.

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A VM edition telephone system lets you quickly, flexibly, and easily adjust how resources are used to optimally meet your company’s needs.

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Centralized administration.

It’s easy and efficient to manage and administer your communications infrastructure with a VM-based telephone system.

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High availability.

A VM-based telephone system lets you achieve greater availability than is possible with multiple hardware-based solutions at individual sites.

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Unified communication and collaboration

Collaboration across all sites.

A centralized telephone system lets workers talk with one another regardless of where they happen to be physically located, and even use their smartphones if wished or required. More than 150 telephony functions ensure enhanced comfort and convenience.

You can take advantage of the STARFACE app to use unified tools for both desktop and mobile phones. This lets you chat with anyone in the company and check status functions to see which coworkers are present and/or available for a call. Videoconferences and screen and file sharing are possible among all branches and the head office.

A partner pear you

How to get your telephone system.

STARFACE IP telephone systems are sold exclusively by partners who have been trained and certified by us. Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to point you to a partner near you who has the right skills for your project.

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