Integrate with third-party software

The integrations of the STARFACE telephone system. 

An integration allows you to implement specific features of your STARFACE telephone system in third-party software – and vice versa. STARFACE can be flexibly linked via interfaces with numerous existing ERP or CRM systems in companies and enables more efficient customer conversations or access to customer databases during the telephone call. These and many other integrations offer additional features that can be adapted to your needs.


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STARFACE Integrations

Your Advantages.

  • The integrations for STARFACE adapt to your needs
  • Expand the functions of your PBX as you wish
  • You benefit from the know-how of our strong partner network
  • Integrations Made in Germany
  • Support directly in your vicinity
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The STARFACE UCI interface integration of your telephone system into the IT environment allows you to use the full scope of your STARFACE system and connect various programmes and applications to your telephone system. This turns ordinary telephoning into contemporary comfortphoning. STARFACE is open for your extension and integration projects and offers a variety of clients, connectors and interfaces for the integration of your existing systems.

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Expansion to include all UCC functionalities

STARFACE MS Teams Integration. 

With STARFACE MS Teams Integration, we combine the best of both worlds for you! You can use your Microsoft products as usual. On the other hand, we complement Microsoft Teams with all the UCC functionalities of a STARFACE system. The STARFACE MS Teams integration extends your MS Teams and enables users to use and control the functions of the STARFACE system directly from the Teams interface. In addition, presence and call list information from both platforms can be easily merged. The solution is flexible and can be realised individually. Meaning: You can activate the integration for those users who actually need to use it.


the DATEV telephony interface

DATEV integration. 

The DATEV office software is the daily companion of law firms for tax consultancy, auditing or legal advice. Therefore, it is desirable to integrate DATEV into the office communication systems of law firms. With modules from our partners, you can connect the DATEV workstation (DATEV Lokal/TS, DATEVasp or DATEV PARTNERasp) with the STARFACE telephone system and thus set the course for convenient, professional and efficient office communication.

estos MetaDirectory

Simple search, fast results


The MetaDirectory from STARFACE’s sister company estos brings together contact data from different data sources in a consistent directory. This means, for example, that contact data from different CRM, ERP and specialist applications in a company can be integrated into Unified Communications and CTI applications and displayed in a unified format. This means: Data such as telephone numbers or contact details are available to all employees in the company without them having access to the various CRM, ERP and specialist applications. MetaDirectory is LDAP server software with a variety of interfaces to connect as many different contact data sources as possible. In addition to classic interfaces such as ODBC, LDAP or CSV, MetaDirectoy also incorporates more and more WebService-based interfaces and thus integrating cloud-based systems such as MS Office365, MS Dynamics365 or Salesforce CRM.

Further STARFACE Integrations

  • Active Directory: Import and synchronise contacts from LDAP into the STARFACE address book. For incoming calls, name resolution is performed. 
  • Microsoft Exchange Server: Reconciliation of your contacts with prior qualification of the supplied data and harmonisation into a format, as well as the continuous import of changes. All Exchange contacts can be synchronised with the telephone system at a configurable time interval. Activates DND status or call forwarding and adjusts the presence status based on calendar entries.
  • Outlook: With the STARFACE integration in your Outlook, you can display incoming calls and missed calls or call up statistical evaluations of your calls. In addition, you have the option to start calls directly from Outlook and to initiate call number queries.
  • SharePoint: Read SharePoint fields to control facility functions (such as conferences).
  • CAS genesisWorld: Connect STARFACE to your Genesis CRM via TAPI, for example, to start calls directly from Genesis. For incoming calls, the caller info in Genesis opens automatically.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365: Your cloud service offers a comparison of your contacts with the prior qualification of the supplied data, as well as harmonisation into a format, the continuous import of changes, the time-controlled import of all contacts of the Dynamics CRM into the public STARFACE address book.
  • Salesforce: Add call notes to incoming calls and link them to clients and files with the click of a mouse. Number resolution of incoming calls directly from Salesforce.
  • CardDAV: Import address data in vCard, xCard or hCard formats from different sources.
  • Google Contacts: Synchronise all Google contacts into the telephone system at an adjustable time interval.
  • Kopano Groupware: If required, you can retrieve caller data from the Kopano groupware server and display it.
  • LDAP: Contacts are imported from LDAP into the STARFACE address book. Name resolution is performed for incoming calls. 
  • SQL: Synchronise an SQL view with time-control into the STARFACE address book.
  • Checkmk: Monitoring for your entire IT infrastructure – keep an eye on all the figures and data of your STARFACE.
  • Icinga: With the integration solution, you can keep track of incoming calls and faxes and pass them on to infrastructure cloud instances.
  • Nagios: With the Nagios monitoring solution, you can keep an eye on STARFACE-specific values such as user licences or your line.
  • Paessler PRTG: Allows you to set up PRTG Monitor sensors for STARFACE – stay one step ahead of problems with your IT systems.
  • ServerEye: With ServerEye’s monitoring solution, you can monitor STARFACE-specific values, such as user licences and lines, which enables you to intervene quickly in the event of server failures and to rectify faults at short notice.
  • GIRA: Link commands for the home server with your own call number, which is triggered for incoming calls.
  • TCS: With TCS door intercoms, you opt for the representative solution at the business entrance. Several decades of technological experience and select materials are the perfect business card for your reception.   
  • 2N: Control door intercoms via calls to receive image and sound transmission directly into the STARFACE APP.
  • Betterspace / Fias-Connector / Fidelio / Hogatex / Monaco: STARFACE can be integrated into your hotel software system and provides the functions check-in, check-out, wake-up call, room-cleaned and call logging. 
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Expand your STARFACE telephone system?

Flexible extensions through our
Modular concept.

With the STARFACE modules, you can easily expand your telephone system according to your requirements. 

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