Integrating the STARFACE telephone system.

Integration lets you systematically implement selected features of your STARFACE telephone system with third-party software – and vice-versa. Interfaces can be set up to flexibly link STARFACE to a wide variety of preexisting ERP or CRM systems. They can be used to facilitate conversations with customers or access to client databases while phoning. These and many other integration possibilities also deliver additional features that can be adapted to meet your particular requirements.


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Integration possibilities

Your benefits.

  • The integration options for STARFACE adapt to your needs.
  • Flexibly extend the functionality of your telecommunications system.
  • Benefit from the expertise of our strong network of partners.
  • Integration “made in Germany”
  • Support available near you
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Using UCI interfaces to integrate your telephone system into an IT environment lets you take advantage of your system’s full functionality while also linking a variety of other programs and applications to it. This upgrades ordinary phoning to contemporary comfortphoning. STARFACE provides a wide range of clients, connectors, and interfaces for integrating your existing systems.

STARFACE Integrationen

Add the full range of UCC functionality

Integrate STARFACE MS Teams

We’ll combine the best of two worlds for you by integrating STARFACE MS Teams! You continue using your Microsoft products as usual. All that changes is that we turbocharge your Microsoft Teams by adding the entire UCC functionality of a STARFACE system to it. This extends the capabilities of MS Teams while also letting users directly use and control functions of the system from Teams. It’s super-easy to merge the presence and call list information of both platforms. This solution can be flexibly implemented as required, meaning that you can limit it to those users that are supposed to use it.


The DATEV telephony interface

DATEV integration. 

DATEV software plays an important role in the everyday work of tax consultants, auditors, and lawyers. Which is why it makes sense to directly integrate it into office communication systems. You can take advantage of modules available from our partners to link the DATEV workplace (DATEV Lokal/TS, DATEVasp, or DATEV PARTNERasp) to the STARFACE telephone system and achieve a new level of easy, professional, and efficient office communication.

estos MetaDirectory

Easy searches, fast results


The MetaDirectory from estos, a sister company, merges contact data from different sources in a single, consistent directory. This makes it possible, for example, to integrate contact data from a variety of CRM, ERP, or dedicated applications used by a company in unified communications and CTI applications and view them in a uniform format. All of a company’s personnel then have data such phone numbers or contact information at their fingertips without requiring direct access to the underlying applications. MetaDirectory is LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) server software with a large number of interfaces for hooking up to as many different contact data sources as possible. Besides classic interfaces like ODBC, LDAP, and CSV, MetaDirectory includes a growing number of WebService-based interfaces for integrating cloud-based systems such as MS Office365, MS Dynamics365, and Salesforce CRM.

Other Microsoft possibilities

  • Active Directory: import contacts from LDAP to the STARFACE address book while synchronizing them. Name resolution automatically takes place when an incoming call arrives.
  • Microsoft Exchange Server: Synchronization of your contacts after checking the supplied data and harmonizing them in a single format while importing changes on an ongoing basis. All Exchange contacts can be synchronized with the telephone system at definable time intervals. It enables DND status or call forwarding and adjusts presence status based on calendar entries.
  • Outlook: Use STARFACE integration to display incoming and missed calls in Outlook or call up statistical analyses of your calls. You can also directly initiate calls and number queries from Outlook.
  • SharePoint: Read SharePoint fields for controlling system functions (such as conferences).
  • CAS genesisWorld: Link STARFACE to your Genesis CRM via TAPI, for example in order to initiate calls straight from Genesis. When a call arrives, information on the caller is automatically retrieved from Genesis and displayed.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365: Your cloud service lets you cross-check your contacts after the supplied data have been verified and harmonize them in a single format, import changes on an ongoing basis, and perform automatic time-driven importation of all contacts of the Dynamics CRM to the public STARFACE address book.
  • Salesforce: Add memos to incoming calls and link them to clients and files with a mouse click. Identify callers based on their numbers straight from Salesforce.
  • CardDAV: Import address data from different sources in vCard, xCard, and hCard formats.
  • Google Contacts: Sync all Google contacts with the telephone system during a freely settable time interval.
  • Kopano Groupware: When required, you can query caller data from the Kopano Groupware server and display them.
  • LDAP: Import contacts to the STARFACE address book. When a call is received, the caller is then automatically identified.
  • SQL: Time-controlled synchronization of SQL views with the address book.
  • Checkmk: Monitor your entire IT infrastructure – keep all figures and data of your STARFACE system in view.
  • Icinga: This integration solution helps you keep track of incoming calls and faxes and forward them to infrastructure cloud instances.
  • Nagios: The monitoring solution from Nagios lets you keep track of STARFACE-specific values like user licenses or your line.
  • Paessler PRTG: This makes it possible to set up PRTG monitor sensors for STARFACE and always keep a step ahead of problems with your IT systems.
  • ServerEye: This monitoring solution from ServerEye lets you monitor STARFACE-specific values like user licenses and lines. In the event of a server failure etc., this enables quick action to fix the problem.
  • GIRA: Link commands for the home server to freely definable phone numbers so they will be automatically executed when calls arrive from them.
  • TCS: TCS door intercoms are an image-enhancing solution for your company’s entrance. Decades of technological expertise and the use of selected materials ensure a great look.
  • 2N: Call door intercoms to make them transmit images and sound straight to the STARFACE app.
  • Betterspace / Fias-Connector / Fidelio / Hogatex / Monaco: STARFACE can be integrated in your hotel software system to provide check-in, checkout, wakeup call, clean room, and call logging functions.
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The STARFACE modules make it very easy for you to enhance and expand your phone system to meet your needs.

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