Add-ons for your telephone system

Your STARFACE telephone system grows with your needs!

This is made possible by the unique modular concept underlying STARFACE. The Shop carries a wide selection of modules for adding functions to enhance your telephone system. These flexible options not only make it easier for your employees to collaborate, but also keep your customers satisfied by letting you provide them with faster and better services. They also help safeguard your investment throughout the system’s useful life.

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Want to expand your telephone system?

Take advantage of modules.

Use one of our optional STARFACE modules to expand your telephone system as required. The integrated  standard modules are already powerful, but can you reap even greater benefits with our many premium modules. Can’t find what you need? Just let us know and we’ll use our Module Creator to develop a tailored solution for you.

Basic function

Announcement before answering.

This module plays an audio file (for example, with an announcement) that callers hear after dialing the number of an individual or group. It can also play music for callers on hold instead of a conventional ringtone.

Basic function

Time-controlled redirection.

This is one of the most important and powerful tools for dealing with a wide range of scenarios and requirements, such as call forwarding on holidays, nighttime answering services, standby services, sorting by country codes and more. This module can also be used to define time-controlled forwarding to different, freely configurable numbers.

Basic function

Executive secretary.

This module makes it easy for you to automatically redirect calls from different individuals or groups to one of two other numbers, so they can receive assistance from someone else in case you aren’t available.

Announcement before reporting

Time-controlled redirection

Call forwarding

Basic function

Memo to me.

This module lets you call from a preconfigured phone number and record a voice file that is then emailed to you. It’s especially practical for recording announcements for use in other modules. You’re guided by a voice menu with various options and key functions.

Basic function


This module performs timed archiving of call lists (CDR), faxes, voice messages, and recordings of conversations over a Windows file sharing network. As soon as they’ve been successfully archived, they’re deleted from the STARFACE system.

Basic function

Voicemail retrieval.

This module lets you listen to messages left in STARFACE voicemail boxes, also from external call numbers.

Basic function


This module allows, for example, external personnel to display their office numbers to called phones instead of their mobile numbers.

How it works: a predefined phone number is displayed to call recipients. To program it, you call a configuration module and enter the number you want to call. The module then places an outgoing call to that number while displaying the stored number as yours.

Memo to myself




Premium module

Call hunting hotline. 

This fee-based module lets you configure multiple in-house and/or external hotline numbers. When a call arrives, the module tries to connect it to one of them that isn’t busy.

Premium module


Flexibly configurable prioritization of waiting callers: iQueue, which is seamlessly integrated in the STARFACE app, lets companies easily define multiple call groups with on-hold queues, music, and flexible automatic call distribution (ACD). An iQueue dashboard lets staff easily keep track of hotline processes.

Premium module


The ringtone module distinguishes among external, in-house, and group calls as the basis for assigning up to 10 different ringtones to different groups.

Premium module


This module lets moderators listen in on and record the calls of a defined user group.


iQueue waiting line



Premium module

Call in conference.

This module lets you spontaneously enter a teleconference room with someone that you’re in a phone conversation with.

Premium module

IVR module.

Interactive voice response (IVR) provides voice-controlled call forwarding. The selection process can be freely defined with one or multiple levels. Callers say a different sequence of digits for each target number.

Premium module


Mail2Fax enables easy faxing of PDF documents to a STARFACE user’s email address (IMAP or POP3).

Premium module

User-specific call blocking.

This module is used to restrict external calling for specific users. Unless they’re calling other in-house users or user groups, they must enter a PIN each time.




Call blocking

starface telefonanlagen module

We’ll develop customized functions for you!

Do you have a special need?

Our large network of partners includes specialists who are happy to program functions to meet your special requirements. Simply contact us and describe what you need. We’ll then draw up a specification and prepare a quotation.

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Build modules yourself

With the STARFACE Module Creator.

The STARFACE administrative interface includes a simple, easy-to-use programming tool called the Module Creator. You can take advantage of it at any time to develop add-in modules with new functions. We invite you to test it and see for yourself how easy it is to create new features.

We also offer a Module Creator course for partners in which you can learn to meet more complex requirements with our modules or even program them yourself.


Get in touch. 

If you have any questions or suggestions whatsoever regarding the modules, we’ll be happy to advise you. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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