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Telephone functionality for professional services.

Phone conversations are part of the everyday work of tax advisors, financial auditors, accountants and members of similar professions. Their clients expect them to be consistently available to answer questions and provide information and advice. A good phone system is also important for enabling them to work efficiently and talk to others at the office without having to constantly walk back and forth.

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Want a high level of comfort for communicating?

We have the right solution for you!

STARFACE has right telephone systems for offices of every size: an appropriate product for every set of preferences and expectations, boasting a high level of convenience and comfort. Are you looking for an ideal hardware solution? Do you want to operate your system as software installed on one of your servers, or would you rather have a cloud-based solution? In all three cases, STARFACE can provide you with exactly the functionality you need, naturally with a high standard of user-friendliness.

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Telephone integration
for DATEV.

A software module called “Telephony Integration for DATEV”, developed by STARFACE Excellence Partner, lets lawyers, tax advisors, financial auditors and members of related professions seamlessly integrate their STARFACE telephone system in their DATEV workplaces (DATEV Lokal/TS, DATEVasp or DATEV PARTNERasp). Outgoing calls can then be initiated right in DATEV.

The benefits of telephone integration with DATEV. 

Synchronizing your address book.

This module enables law and accounting firms, among others, to automatically synchronize their address books with the STARFACE phone system. When the phone then starts ringing, the caller’s contact data are instantly displayed so they can be greeted by name – from any end device. This way you can count on making a professional impression!

Precisely charge by the minute for time spent on the phone.

The module automatically matches incoming and outgoing calls to the DATEV telephone module’s call list so they can be conveniently charged at the end of the month based on captured times and stored rates.

Easily make notes on conversations.

The “telephone integration for DATEV” function makes it simple to store notes in a digital notepad for every ongoing or concluded conversation. It reopens automatically each time you talk to the same party, and can also be edited afterward.

The most important functions at a glance.

Directly dial numbers straight from an application (such as Outlook, a CRM program, or accounting software).

Invite one or more other persons to join an ongoing call.

The STARFACE apps give you complete access to your firm’s environment from outside the office.

From now on, you’ll no longer need any special hardware to communicate by fax. Ten built-in (“ex factory”) lines are available for incoming and outgoing faxes.

You can take advantage of IVR to create multilevel menus, from basic selection lists all the way to complex decision-making trees. Simply pressing a button dials a predefined prefix for connecting you to someone or their mailbox.

Now it’s possible to record conversations, which can be required by law in some cases – like when providing financial advice.

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Mobile offices: the megatrend

I’m in the office – anywhere!

The trend to simply and flexibly shifting workplaces between the office and home is picking up speed. STARFACE telephone systems are ideal for this: employees merely take their laptops and headsets home with them and can then continue working there as if nothing had changed.

Workers also remain reachable at the same phone number while on the go. This is made possible by the STARFACE apps for Android and iOS-based smartphones. They ideally supplement your firm’s mobile communications; users can use their smartphones not only for incoming and outgoing calls with their familiar office number, but also access many other helpful functions of the firm’s communication and collaboration environment.

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Your data are safe with us.

Hosting at German data centers gives you additional security for your business communications. 100% made in Germany: this is our guarantee of GDPR conformity and TLS encryption.
Our standard signifies a high level of security for you:

  • Automatic blocking of suspicious activities
  • Restriction of access to certain IP and MAC addresses
  • Central administration and changing of telephone passwords
  • Guidelines and administration of passwords for telephone and user accounts
starface app device-independent

Migrate to a STARFACE system

Installation and administration.

There’s no need to rewire everything when switching to a STARFACE system. You can simply take your phone numbers with you and continue using your local network’s infrastructure. Plus, it’s easy to add new users. Countless phone models from Yealink, Snom, and Gigaset can be automatically programmed. Administration takes place via an easy-to-understand web interface, and the STARFACE app can be used on your desktop or smartphone.


Videoconferences included.

Every STARFACE system integrates STARFACE NEON, an easy-to-use and secure videoconferencing solution that makes it easy for teams to continue working together smoothly when their members are at different physical locations. Thanks to seamless connections with the STARFACE app, workers can take advantage of a broad set of powerful UCC features in their videoconferences.



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