The STARFACE partner program.

Attend our Academy to qualify as a partner with certified VoIP expertise. The individual courses and ongoing training optimally prepare you to work with our product portfolio and successfully carry out projects.

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We’ll turn you into a qualified partner.

STARFACE offers you the opportunity to join a large community of partners. You’re assigned a personal contact at STARFACE and can start offering your customers the flexibly deployable STARFACE telephone systems and state-of-the-art UC solutions that they want and need.

The main purpose of the STARFACE Academy is to train our STARFACE partners. Attending it gives you a head start for working with our products and successfully conducting customer projects. We attach great value to practically oriented, hands-on training and therefore offer you everything from one source – from an introductory course all the way to training in sales techniques.

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STARFACE Academy Partnerprogramm


How you’ll benefit.

  • We offer you future-safe, flexible communication solutions for digitalizing workplaces
  • Cloud solutions made and hosted in Germany
  • Communication modules for companies of every size
  • Direct sales and technical support
  • An exclusive online shop with guaranteed fast delivery
  • The awards our products have received are good arguments for convincing potential customers
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The STARFACE starter course.

Do you constantly tackle new telecommunications projects? Involving the cloud or conventional hardware modules? If so, you can’t lose by attending our starter course to familiarize yourself with our system. It teaches you how the STARFACE app works and the basics of configuring servers. Plus, you receive a starter package consisting of the STARFACE Compact module and a two-hour course on installation and configuration.

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STARFACE certified partner.

Have you completed the starter course, are already familiar with STARFACE, or gained initial experience as a partner? If the answer is yes, would you now like to take the next step and reap a host of valuable benefits by becoming a certified STARFACE partner? To gain this status, it’s only necessary for at least one of your employees to successfully train as a STARFACE Certified VoIP Engineer at the Academy. This will enable you to install, set up, and administer STARFACE systems and understand their functionality and deployment scenarios. You’ll also be familiar with how to connect various end devices to STARFACE and operate the Web interface and app.

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STARFACE Advanced Partner.

Have you already gained practice and experience with STARFACE projects? And would now like to extend your skills for implementing more ambitious projects?

You can achieve the status of “Advanced Partner” by successfully training at least one employee to the level of Advanced VoIP Engineer. While doing so, you’ll start learning how to program the modules. And afterward you’ll be able to evaluate systems on your own when support is required, understand and create complex environments (system networks), and link a variety of telecommunications components to STARFACE.

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STARFACE Excellence Partner.

Each year, STARFACE awards the second-highest level of the STARFACE partner system to the best Advanced Partners: “Excellent Partner”. The traits that can qualify them for this accolade include strong sales, initiative, outstanding knowledge, and advanced integration skills.

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Excellence⁺ Partner

On an annual basis, STARFACE also elevates the best Excellence Partners to the highest category: “Excellence+ Partner”. These collaborate especially closely with STARFACE. They are characterized by noteworthy projects and development work. After achieving this level, you enjoy direct access to STARFACE support and are entitled to directly contact product management.







Partner program

What participants say.

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“A very thorough yet easy-to-understand seminar. A great combination of theory and practice, with opportunities to ask questions.”

Feedback from a participant

Certified training

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„Ausführliche Erklärungen und übersichtliche Darstellung der Funktionen und Umstände innerhalb der STARFACE Server und der Client Bedienung. Sehr detailreiche Antworten auf spezifische Fragen.“

Feedback from a participant

Certified training

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„Sehr gut nachvollziehbare Beispiele mit bildgewaltiger Vorstellung der Punkte. Ständige Rückfragen des Präsentators nach Verständnisproblemen und sinnvoll eingeplante Pausenzeiten. Ausreichend Gelegenheit Fragen zu stellen und ein sehr positives Klima von Anfang bis Ende.“

Feedback from a participant

Advanced training


Contact the Academy

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If you have any questions on or suggestions for the STARFACE Academy, we’re all ears.

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