Conveniently hold video meetings from any workplace.

A direct link to the STARFACE app lets participants access powerful UCC features during online meetings. Participation on the move is possible at any time, because video meetings can be easily accessed with mobile devices!

Say goodbye to dull videoconferences!

Liven them up now – with STARFACE NEON .




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Videoconferences for up to 50 participants. Intelligent functions such as chatting, screen sharing, and remote access included.

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Hold conferences or plan meetings at the spur of the moment. External participants can join without needing to register.

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TLS-encrpted and hosted on German services while complying with GDPR requirements. This makes your meetings extra-secure.

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No downloads or registration are required, since STARFACE NEON can be launched straight from the  Desktop App.

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Get to know for free!

Basic version:

  • You are already using STARFACE 7.2? Then you can test the basic version to get to know all the features for free.

Complete version:

  • You want more features and would like to hold video meetings of unlimited duration as well as schedule individual meetings and meeting series? Prerequisite for use of the complete version is a “full flat”. Please contact your technical consultant to set this up.


Initiate videoconferences quickly and easily

It takes only two clicks to set up your next meeting!

  • Integrated in the STARFACE app as an extra feature
  • Set up videoconferences in seconds
  • Simply send meeting links to invite participants

Hold videoconferences without having to install anything first

Conveniently invite participants to join.

  • Invite participants by sending a meeting link or email
  • Free of charge for external participants
  • No need to register or install any software
  • Participants can join meetings using any popular browser

Remote access feature

Request screen access and take control.

Quickly and easily share experiences with colleagues or customers: the screen of a controlled participant is visible to all.

  • Enable screen access during an ongoing meeting
  • Provide support for resolving technical issues

Hosting rights

Become the host with a single click!

  • If the host leaves the meeting, no problem! He or she can simply hand the lead over to someone else.
  • Designate a participant as the new host with a single click
  • Mute microphones, deactivate cameras, or remove individual participants

Communication made easy

Integrated screen sharing function.

  • Share your screen with a click
  • Decide which content to share
  • The chat and screen sharing functions let the whole team work together efficiently


Up to 50 people can concurrently take part in a videoconference. If a 51st person wants to join, they receive a message denying access, since this number of participants can’t be exceeded.

Nothing needs to be installed and no registration is required in order to use STARFACE NEON. You receive an invitation to participate in the form of a meeting ID or email.

Personal data are deleted at the end of each STARFACE NEON meeting. Only the participants’ IP addresses are briefly stored in temporary server logfiles.

Updates for STARFACE NEON are automatically installed. We provide them to ensure problem-free use.

How SideStep uses the videoconferencing solution for digital workplaces

Videoconferences made in Germany.

For voice communication, SideStep uses the UCC platform from STARFACE and, since 2020, the STARFACE NEON videoconferencing solution.

“STARFACE NEON lets us hold ad-hoc conferences at any time and flexibly admit more participants as needed. This makes it easy for our project teams to get together at short notice in the middle of a hectic workday and quickly and efficiently clarify things that come up.”

Inga Humbert

Head of Marketing

Teleworking Solutions 2020 Award for STARFACE

Honored with the TMCnet Excellence Award for Teleworking Solutions

Videoconferencing solution for digital workplaces.

Kudos even before the launch: the 2020 TMCnet Excellence Award for Teleworking Solutions went to STARFACE NEON.


Video conferencing solution for your team.

Get your no-obligation quote and enable your team to have a fully digital workplace. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding STARFACE NEON, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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