The ideal telephone system for hotels.

Good communication is the hallmark of genuine hospitality. That’s why you as a hotel operator attach such great importance to personally communicating with your guests by phone. Because many guests use the phone to make reservations, most hotels have large call volumes. They can therefore expect to derive major benefits from the STARFACE telephone system, which offers far more than the typical basic functionality. It boasts more than 100 additional useful features to ensure that hotels can effectively communicate with their guests and employees and noticeably facilitate their work as a result.

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The VoIP telephone system.

  • Continuous availability by phone: the most important thing for your guests is having their calls answered right away (via caller groups or group pickup)
  • The ability to block certain phone numbers (to prevent expensive foreign calls, for example, and calls to or from costly hotline numbers)
  • Linking of phone systems (e.g. of multiple facilities of the same hotel chain: sites can call one another free of charge)
  • Forwarding of incoming calls
  • Wait loops
  • A voice portal system (also known as interactive voice response)
STARFACE die ideale Telefonanlage für Hotels


A powerful package for your hotel.

The STARFACE telephone system is easy to connect to the most important hotel management applications. The market leader – Betterspace – is a partner of ours, and another is the company of Walter Pürk GmbH with its Room Manager and FIAS Connector extension modules (which act as interfaces between the telephone system and your hotel management software; FIAS stands for Fidelio Interface Application Specification). They let your phone system communicate with systems from providers such as Fidelio, Hogatex, and Monaco.

STARFACE possesses the required in-depth familiarity with your business, having gained extensive experience in it together with our partners.

Your benefits at a glance.


Made and Hosted
in Germany.

You benefit from a European product that’s securely hosted at German data centers in compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Supporting you

Customer care and advice from a network of qualified partners.



Customized to meet your needs and requirements.

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cloud solution.

This way you avoid having to install special hardware at your hotel; everything is managed via the Internet.

Continuous availability by phone.

Thanks to easily created call groups, freely configurable forwarding, and flexible integration of end devices such as smartphones, no call is ever dropped or lost, and your guests are reliably connected to someone who’s able to help them.

Blocking of call numbers.

It takes only minutes to block individual numbers, entire call number ranges, or even certain country codes for outgoing calls.

Wait loops and time delays.

These functions help you efficiently handle incoming call volumes in accordance with your momentary capacity and requirements. There are also multiple possibilities for flexibly creating your own prerecorded messages or music on hold.

Flexibly scalable.

Your system can grow with your business, thanks to our outstanding licensing system, which can be scaled all the way down to accommodate individual users.

Linking of other infrastructure.

Existing infrastructure can be integrated into the STARFACE system landscape via a wide range of accessories. This could even be an elevator built in 1991 with an analog connection!

A host of fallback possibilities.

You enjoy a wide range of fallback possibilities if emergencies arise, with their own backup systems and the ability to replace defective phones on site with minimal effort.


Blocking numbers

Wait loops / time delays




starface tk-anlage skalierbare cloud-lösung

Flexible cost accounting.

As the hotel manager or owner, you can therefore flexibly decide whether you want certain rooms to have their own extensions and be directly callable or for all calls to be routed to guests via the front desk. If you choose the second option, only the call to the hotel’s number incurs fees.


Quality confirmation
by the industry.

Recently STARFACE was the “readers’ choice” at Telecom Handel in Germany in the “midsized companies/enterprises” category for the third time in a row, in addition to winning the U.S. Internet Telephony Award and the Channel Excellence Award of the ChannelPartner trade journal, which conducts one of the world’s largest surveys in its sector.

telekom handel leserwahl bester tk & ucc-hersteller 2022
2022 Telecom
Handel 1st Place
channel excellence award ucc ip-telefonie 2022
2022 Channel Excellence Award 
starface internet telephony award 2022
2022 Internet Telephony


Creating satisfaction and convenience!


Telephony is a very important channel for communication between hotels and their guests, making it indispensable for both sides – especially in emergency situations when your smartphone has lost its charge or the mobile signal is too weak, which happens often.

Benjamin Köhler

CSO of Betterspace


One important criterion that STARFACE meets is the ability to integrate. We have therefore developed a connector for STARFACE that links it to property management software (PMS) systems. It uses the so-called FIAS interface that virtually all makers of PMS systems include as a standard feature.

Walter Pürk

Proprietor of Walter Pürk Elektro- & Computertechnik


Featuring more than 150 functions, the STARFACE telephone system meets all of your and your guests’ wishes in terms of telephony. The STARFACE cloud solution ensures 99.6% availability.

Norbert Horn

Head of International Sales at STARFACE


The combination of STARFACE and is a real game changer in the hotel business. It lets guests comfortably make phone calls and communicate with the hotel, book in-house and external services, access apps, and even control the lighting and TV in their rooms. This significantly boosts their comfort and convenience. The tablets are also attractive to the hotel because they combine a large number of functions in a single device and therefore have potential for generating huge savings.

Florian Buzin




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