STARFACE MS Teams Integration.

The STARFACE MS Teams integration module extends your MS Teams installation by enabling users to directly control and benefit from all of a STARFACE system’s UCC functionality. It’s also easy to merge the presence and call list information of both platforms. The solution can be flexibly implemented to meet requirements.


What the STARFACE MS Teams integration module is capable of.

Besides enjoying a complete range of UCC functionality, you can control your end device from the STARFACE app for MS Teams. Do everything by clicking with the mouse: activate DND (do not disturb), initiate calls, change the displayed call number, enable forwarding and call pickup, filter call lists, and much more. Important functions are quickly and intuitively at your fingertips.

The solution is easy to use but accomplishes a lot: you can take advantage of the best of both worlds by opting for a hybrid communication environment. Create uniform communication standards by integrating MS Teams users in your company-wide telephone system.

starafce ms teams integration

Your benefits at a glance.

  • A common interface: manage calls, function keys, and all UCC functionality from a single user interface
  • Presence and call list information: directly access USS functions like call lists, busy lamp fields, and presence information from MS Teams
  • Integration in your telecommunications environment: a seamless link to your existing infrastructure saves you from having to switch to a different provider
  • Flexibly bookable: Flexibly enable STARFACE MS Teams integration for exactly those users who actually want to take advantage of it
starafce ms teams integration


Initiate IP calls straight from MS Teams.

Take advantage of STARFACE MS Teams integration to directly initiate calls from the MS Teams interface. A call is initiated in the background with the aid of your STARFACE app’s call manager (softphone) for Windows and Mac. The best part: there’s no need to install any expensive additional hardware!


STARFACE telephone system.

Appliance, VM edition, or cloud. STARFACE app for Windows/Mac, including premium licenses for all users that you want to be integrated in MS Teams.


MS Office 365.

Microsoft Office 365 for all MS Teams users that you want to be linked to STARFACE plus an MS Teams developer account for implementing the STARFACE app for MS Teams in your organization’s MS Teams environment.


MS Teams Integration.

Consisting of the STARFACE module for MS Teams, the STARFACE app for MS Teams, and a STARFACE MS Teams license for every user that wants to take advantage of this integration.


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