Working remotely is EASY with STARFACE.

STARFACE meets the prerequisites for your company to practice hybrid work. What’s that? Hybrid work is a flexible model that lets employees freely choose where and how they work in order to maximize their productivity. With STARFACE, your people always have the same tools at their fingertips whether they’re working remotely from home, traveling, or in the office.

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Requirements for effective mobile work.

A couple of years ago, the ways in which teams collaborated shifted radically. The importance of actual physical offices for exchanging information and collaborating suddenly diminished. Overnight, many companies found themselves grappling with huge challenges: how to enable employees, many or most of which had never worked remotely before, to quickly and smoothly move their workplace and activities to their homes. Suddenly there were new, unprecedented issues: they couldn’t be reached at the usual phone numbers, videoconferences suffered from inadequate bandwidth and connectivity, it was difficult for them to serve customers, and daily team meetings were a virtual impossibility. And the list goes on.
But working at home ought to be just as easy as in the office – using the same phone number and the same UCC features that are available from a modern IP-based telephone system.

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Your STARFACE system adapts to your needs.

Many communication technologies promise to facilitate our work and let us freely choose where we want to work. But which solution is right for you and your company?
STARFACE makes it easy for employees to work remotely and helps teams continue to collaborate productively regardless of where their members happen to be located.
Seamless, completely smooth and location-independent work: that is mobile work with IP telephony. Your workplace is wherever you happen to be with your STARFACE.

How you benefit from IP telephony when working remotely from home

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Available everywhere and at all times.

No matter where you happen to be, you can always be reached at your office number.

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Fast communication.

Just start chatting or launch a videoconference with the app.

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Access to all features.

View all contact data or check which coworkers are currently available.

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Secure and GDPR-compliant.

Made and hosted in Germany.


Working remotely with STARFACE.

The company of JACOB Elektronik relied on digital workplaces from STARFACE when switching to remote working.

“Just three days after the project started, the first department was working completely from home. And the next one made the switch the following day!”

Mathias Merz

Responsible for infrastructure at JACOB Elektronik

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Reachable everywhere and on all devices

The remote working option is always included.

To let you collaborate with your coworkers just as efficiently and productively from home as when you’re in the office, we provide you with much more than just easy-to-use telephony functions. The following are also included:

  • Videoconferencing
  • Chat function
  • Screen sharing
  • File transfer
  • Presence status display

A host of other highly useful UCC features for business communications are combined as an all-in-one package and come in extremely handy when working remotely. Whether you book STARFACE as a cloud-based service or purchase it as physical hardware, the remote working option is always included.

The IP telephone system for your needs

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