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For all STARFACE users who want to benefit from favourable telephone rates or are looking for an alternative telephone provider, we offer the SIP trunk STARFACE Connect. This allows you to connect your STARFACE VoIP telephone system to the public telephone network via your Internet connection and thus use fully-fledged fixed network telephony.

Preconfigured SIP trunk for PABX

The low-cost IP connection

Preconfigured SIP trunk for your PABX. 

The STARFACE Connect SIP trunk is a system connection which is provided by the SIP network protocol (Session Initiation Protocol). Depending on your requirements, we connect one or more trunks (channels that bundle the data) with your local telephone system to the public telephone network via your Internet connection. This means that you can directly use fully-fledged fixed network telephony.

Activated free of charge with just a few clicks, STARFACE Connect lets you make low-cost calls with high call quality.

The connection to the Internet provides you with further transmission options – now you can also use our STARFACE NEON video meeting function.

Why STARFACE Connect?

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Professional and secure.

All servers are located in Germany and are subject to German data protection guidelines. Hosting in German data centres offers you additional security: The contract, registered office and place of jurisdiction are subject to German law.

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Instant activation.

Make all calls to the German fixed and/or mobile network with one click. No further conversions are necessary, because the configuration of the STARFACE telephone system is done automatically.

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Continue to use existing telephone numbers.

The person you are talking to will still see your previous phone number and you will still be available under this phone number.

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Start video meetings.

Put an end to the use of external video applications! Start video conferences with STARFACE NEON directly from your STARFACE App.

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Everything from a single source.

With a comprehensive partner network, STARFACE offers the complete supply chain from the DSL connection via the SIP trunk to the telephone system.

starface connect sip-trunk


Simply use everything from one source.

Inbound and outbound calls are switched via STARFACE Connect and thus via IP. A fixed network connection is therefore no longer required. If you want to continue using your existing phone number range, simply port your phone numbers to STARFACE. You have up to 60 voice channels with high quality at low prices.

starface connect sip-trunk


Simply save telephone costs.

STARFACE Connect is only used for outgoing calls. Outgoing calls are thus made via the Internet, with the phone number of the fixed network connection being signaled. The called party sees and hears no difference. Your existing fixed network connection remains in place. Incoming calls will be delivered as usual via the previous route.

starface connect sip-trunk


Simply more phone lines.

Would you like to continue to make calls mainly with your existing provider, but at peak times have too few voice channels to make all the company calls? Then use STARFACE Connect and prevent phone calls from being rejected due to lack of line capacity during peak times.

Full Service

Outbound only

Line extension

Our prices

Landline Germany

0.9 cent/minute*

Mobile telephony Germany

9.9 cent/minute*


from 1.9 cents per minute*

Number portability to Connect

Free of charge

Phone number hosting

9.9 cents/extension and month*


max. 9.9 cent/minute*

(* plus VAT)

No minimum usage, you only pay for calls actually made!

Select the country in which your STARFACE telephone system is located. Our price overview for download:

Germany | Austria | Switzerland | France



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starface sip trunk fair and full flats

Our fair and full flats

Make even cheaper calls now.

The choice is yours: buy a certain monthly minute quota with Fair Flats or book your all-round carefree package with Full Flats! For as little as €24.95 per outgoing call channel. For video meetings, simply select the appropriate tariffs at STARFACE NEON.

Already got a STARFACE PBX?

Activate in 3 steps and start calling.
Benefit from
1,000 free minutes .



In the admin area of your STARFACE telephone system, click on “Lines” and select “STARFACE Connect”.



Click on “Activate now” and register on the following page. The trunk is then activated within seconds.



After activation, you can configure the line according to your wishes in the admin area. Within the first 30 days, 1,000 call minutes are free of charge.

STARFACE App UCC Client Comfortphoning

Get a quote and profit


Get a quote now and call at great rates!

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starface connect sip trunk speed test


Start the SpeedTest now.

Reliability and quality are essential parts of the communication network. Find out with our SpeedTest whether your network is VoIP-ready and you can fully benefit from the advantages of a SIP trunk.


In the first 30 days after activation, you automatically receive 500 free minutes to the German fixed network, all German mobile networks and for using the STARFACE NEON video conferencing solution. A further 500 free minutes will be credited to you if we are given a SEPA direct debit mandate. Return the completed form to us by post or fax (+49 721 5099 8209). 

Telephone calls are possible worldwide to fixed network and mobile phone connections. Service numbers cannot be reached outside Germany.

After activating the STARFACE Services, the video conferencing solution STARFACE NEON is available in your STARFACE system. All users of the STARFACE system are authorised to start video meetings or participate in ongoing meetings.

Active use of the telephony services of STARFACE Connect is not required. In this case, only the charges for the use of STARFACE NEON will appear on your bill.

Yes, that is possible. Many SIP trunk providers can be combined with STARFACE telephone systems. However, STARFACE Connect is already pre-configured and can therefore be activated very easily.

When you register, you will automatically receive a location-independent telephone number with the area code 032. This is used for internal call assignment and is not visible externally. Additional geographical numbers (blocks) are available in many area codes in Germany. 

By default, the previous phone number is displayed unchanged via CLIP no-screening. This means that it is not obvious to others that the call is being made via a different connection than usual. You can freely configure this setting via the STARFACE Admin area. 

Please check the port releases of your firewall. In the Knowledge Base of STARFACE you will find the necessary information.

Both is possible. The booking of new phone numbers can be done directly in the STARFACE Connect customer centre. If numbers are available in the desired area code, activation will take place within a few days. Porting requires at least 15 days and is associated with certain regulatory requirements. The porting request is made via the following form

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