comfortphoning für digitale arbeitsplätze
comfortphoning für digitale arbeitsplätze

Flexible, secure communication.

When functionality and comfort come together, the result is a state-of-the-art experience that we’ve dubbed “comfortphoning”. It’s a secure, scalable digital communication solution that meets every need and wish. STARFACE is easy to integrate into existing IT systems and flexibly grows with your requirements.

Use it anywhere and with any device.



The STARFACE app integrates all of the voice communication functions you need for your business: a single platform for your entire enterprise. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on site, using your smartphone while on the go, or working remotely at home. You’re always available at the same number, and can communicate efficiently no matter where you happen to be.

Comfortmeeting mit STARFACE NEON

+ Comfortmeeting

You can use your desktop app to initiate an ad-hoc or scheduled videoconference, anytime and from anywhere. It just takes a few taps or clicks. It’s easy for external participants to join your meeting using any browser, without needing to register beforehand.

starface comfortworking

= Comfortworking

A workplace that adapts to your needs! You can use practical function keys to forward calls, send voicemails, and take advantage of many other features. This guarantees successful collaboration within your company.

UCC functionality meets comfort

 Communication is now easier than ever!

Our universal business communication tool delivers a full set of useful functions: from managing calls across conference calls to video meetings.

  • Conference calls
  • videoconferences, chats
  • …and much more besides!

Comfortmeetings at the press of a button

 Videoconferences with STARFACE NEON.

Video meetings with STARFACE NEON are free of charge for external users. Invited participants can easily join a conference via a provided link using their favorite browser.

  • No installation or registration required
  • Screen sharing and chat functions
  • Images and sound in HD qualitydd

Digital communication

For every workplace and device.

Our solution makes it easy for you to transition to digital workplaces. Your people will be able to work together no matter where they happen to be physically located or which devices they are using. This makes it easy for them to flexibly and very conveniently stay in touch with customers and coworkers.

  • For desktop computers in the office
  • For smartphones while on the go
  • For laptops when working remotely at home




STARFACE App UCC Client Comfortphoning

Stay consistently flexible!

Desktop and mobile app.

  • Phone, forward calls, check your mailbox and much more
  • Chat with coworkers or send files
  • Initiate or plan videoconferences
  • Can be integrated in third-party software such as Microsoft Teams
  • Configurable by drag & drop to flexibly meet different needs
STARFACE Mobile App UCC Client Comfortphoning

Turn your smartphone into a mobile office

Our “office to go” in a stylish pocket format.

  • Take advantage of SIP telephone via Wi-Fi
  • Call journal and contact management
  • Never miss another call, thanks to iFMC
  • Exchange messages using a chat function
  • Initiate or join teleconferences


Mobile Office

starface telefonanlagen module

More than a hundred business functions

Our modular approach.

Besides a range of standard functions, our innovative modular system boasts many other useful features for flexibly extending and adapting its capabilities throughout its lifecycle. You can therefore count on it to be a worthwhile investment for the long haul.

starface telefonanlagen integrationen

Seamless integration

Appropriately supplement your business and software.

Continue using the same software at your company while combining it with your STARFACE solution, which can be smoothly integrated in your CRM and ERP systems.


For a full range of functionality

Your UCI interface.

STARFACE accommodates your extension and integration projects, providing a wide range of clients, connectors, and interfaces for implementing them. Open architecture and CRM and ERP interfaces included as standard features make it easy for you to seamlessly integrate third-party systems into your business processes. This ensures greater productivity, lets you serve your customers better, and slashes your costs.


Integration options


starface flip cloud appliance vm edition

It couldn’t get much more flexible than this:


STARFACE Flip lets you instantly switch between different STARFACE platforms whenever you want.

  • Preinstalled hardware appliance for local operation
  • Securely hosted service from the cloud
  • A VM edition for self-hosting on your own hardware

An appropriate solution that meets all requirements for digital communication and grows with your company. There’s nothing else like it in the marketplace.

starface 365 mietmodell, viop telefonanlage, yealink, snom

Take advantage of our leasing model

Easily lease everything with STARFACE 365.

Lease your VoIP telephone system along with all required accessories. It’s ideal for startups: you enjoy flexible runtimes, don’t need to purchase any hardware, and automatically receive the latest updates.

Orangenes Quadrat Icon
starface service partner in deutschland

Competent training for meeting your needs

Our network of partners.

Our certified partners help you meet your particular requirements. They provide you with support and advice from the word go, all the way to implementing your Comfortphoning solution.

starface comfortphoning made in germany

Very important to us:

Your data are safe with us.

We guarantee you a product that’s 100% “made in Germany”, which includes compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation and TLS encryption. We also offer you hosting in German data centers for added security for your business communications.


Well, have we convinced you?

We’ll locate find a partner near you to get you set up with your STARFACE Comfortphoning system for digital communication. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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