STARFACE Release 7.3

STARFACE 7.3 has arrived!

The new major release STARFACE 7.3 is available since 23.11.2022. Highlights of the new version include new call list and group functionalities, templates for user profiles and a new option to make updates for cloud installations even more flexible.

STARFACE 7.3 highlights at a glance

  • Enhanced group and call list functionalities Call lists have been enhanced in the new release to simplify collaboration within groups. Users can now see who has taken over a group call, which can be marked as accepted and can also be commented on to create transparency and context.
  • User templates The new release also offers useful innovations for administrators of STARFACE systems. Larger installations can now be set up more easily, as detailed user profile templates can be created for them. These can be quickly and easily applied to multiple accounts. In the following versions, these templates will be extended by additional setting options.
  • Cloud update management via the STARFACE partner portal The new release also makes it easier to update STARFACE Cloud Services. Updates can now be conveniently scheduled in the partner portal via cloud management. Scheduled cloud management is available for all cloud systems with officially supported STARFACE versions. This allows, for example, automated updates from STARFACE 6.7 to version 7.3 to be planned, triggered and processed. We recommend to perform all cloud updates via this path in the future,

Release 7.3 is now available for free download via the admin console for customers with a current update contract. All further information about STARFACE 7.3 can be found in the release notes.