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Cloud PBX Comparison: STARFACE scores "very good"!

In its 9/2023 issue, the trade magazine connect professional published the results of a comparison test of the eight most important German Cloud-PBX including SIP trunks. The Cloud-PBX were tested for the best technical performance and the most reliable connections.

Our Cloud PBX in comparison with the largest providers

For the first time, we also participated in the Cloud PBX comparison and sent our Cloud and our own SIP-Trunk into the competition. Over the test period from October 2nd to the 29th, 125,000 measurements were made regarding quality and stability. In the tests, according to connect professional, we were able to convince with “very fast connection setup times, short voice run times and very good voice quality”.

With 902 out of 1,000 possible points, our Cloud PBX achieved the overall rating of “very good” and narrowly took third place behind Telekom and Plusnet. We are therefore the best provider that is not a network operator itself. In the test result, we are even ahead of providers such as o2, who operate their own network.

“Of course, we are happy about this result,” commented our CEO Florian Buzin on the good performance and added: “The test proves that STARFACE not only offers quality at a top level, but also provides it with the highest reliability.”

Our SIP trunk is also “very good”

In terms of voice quality, STARFACE ranks at the top with MOS values of almost 4.5 in all categories. This value stands for HD-Voice, which means excellent quality, very clear and natural sounding. In terms of stability, our Cloud-PBX in combination with our SIP trunk also achieved top values:

Florian Buzin: “The test result is also a clear recommendation for our SIP trunk STARFACE Connect, which is optimized for operation with STARFACE systems. STARFACE can also be used with many other SIP trunks. However, for achieving optimal voice quality and stability of the STARFACE Cloud-PBX, we recommend using STARFACE Connect as a SIP trunk.”

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