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We are seeking participants for a STARFACE Cloud idea exchange

Over the past few months, there has been a massive growth in the STARFACE Cloud business. Some of our STARFACE partners are already generating the majority of their business with STARFACE Clouds and VM versions of our telephone system. The cloud business has its own features and topics. In future, we would like to discuss these in a separate STARFACE Cloud discussion platform.

The goal is to exchange experiences between STARFACE partners, with particular focus on the cloud topics (such as operation, service level, price models, etc.). Presentation and early discussion of new cloud-specific ideas and projects by STARFACE should also take place here, and partners should introduce their specific requests to STARFACE as hoster.

The new discussion platform is aimed at STARFACE partners who operate a separate computer center for their customers, who mainly or at least predominantly run STARFACE-PBX as a Cloud or VM (in their own computer center) and/or who want to change their business model to cloud solutions.

Interested parties should write a short mail to:
cloud(at) Topic suggestions and ideas for organizing the idea exchange will be gratefully received.