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STARFACE Connect - eliminating bottleneck situations immediately

We are seeing a massive growth in call volume in our SIP trunk “STARFACE Connect“, as are many other providers. In particular, calls to other mobile network subscribers have increased considerably, as several employees are called directly by colleagues on their cell phone connections or have set up permanent call forwarding for their company connection.

This leads to:

  • Higher additional requirements for voice channels: The number of lines required is doubling or tripling (instead of one internal call – an outgoing call to a mobile network/ instead of an incoming call – in addition an outgoing call with forwarding to a mobile network)
  • Increase in call costs: Many flat-rate tarifs do not include costs for mobile network calls and thus quickly result in significant additional costs.

Possible applications of STARFACE Connect:

  • Keeping the voice channels of the current provider free for incoming calls (for example, to ensure that doctors’ surgeries are reachable)
    With your current provider, limit the number of the maximum connection to the desired extent (STARFACE Admin area – Lines – Extended). These lines will then be kept free for incoming calls even if several outgoing calls are being made. The STARFACE system will then automatically routed these additional outgoing calls via Connect.
  • You can achieve simple extension of line capacities if you add Connect without the restriction described above. Outgoing calls will also be routed automatically via Connect in this case if the current provider is occupied. Simply adjust the respective routing rule.
  • You can achieve a reduction in the mobile network costs with just one click. If you activate the check before “This line receives the highest routing priority for calls to national mobile networks”, all calls to mobile network subscribers will be automatically routed via STARFACE Connect.

In the standard By-Call-Tarif setting, calls to national mobile networks cost 9.9 cents (net) per minute. There is no basic fee. The optional fair or full flat-rates offer even better terms.
Activate STARFACE Connect now in just 2 minutes.