Neue STARFACE App für macOS
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Meet the brand new STARFACE App for macOS!

Today, STARFACE has yet another reason to celebrate. Just under a year after the release of the new STARFACE App for Windows, the counterpart, the revised STARFACE App for macOS, is now available.

With the new app, telephony, chat, video meetings, and web-based applications are combined in a clean user interface that functions as a digital workspace. MacOS devices thus become a powerful, highly customizable, and holistic communication environment.

The softphone for Mac users

The softphone app is based on proven features of the previous version and has been further developed into a more flexible and user-friendly solution. In addition to these improvements, visible changes have also been made, as already known from the app for Windows introduced last year. Workspaces are now also available for Mac users, providing individually configurable desktop areas for easy and quick access to the most important functions of the UCC platform.

By default, the STARFACE App for macOS includes five pre-configured workspaces. These include the workspaces ‘Calls’, ‘Call Manager’, ‘Chat’, ‘Meetings’, and ‘Contacts’, which can be further customized according to the user’s individual preferences. This creates the perfect work setup, in which the relevant communication channels, web applications, and functionalities can be flexibly combined.

The new STARFACE App for macOS – available now!

Further information about our STARFACE Apps for macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS, as well as the download link, can be found here!