New version of the STARFACE mobile client for Android available

Version of the STARFACE client for Android is now available in the Google Play Store. In addition to several bug fixes, the new client has usability improvements:

Technical revision of the menu items iFMC and Redirection as well as the Profile tab  

Prompt to change the password of new users the first time they log in

If users cannot log in because light users no longer have any uci rights, the following error message appears: “Login failed: you do not have the required authorization. Please contact your administrator.”

If the mobile client is in the background with incoming calls, a small notification window will now be displayed above the incoming call with all Android versions (as is already usual for calls in the Android system).

The call screen of an active call that has not been accepted with the mobile client for Android but with another device (such as UCC client for Win or Mac), will no longer be displayed on the mobile client for Android.

The icons of the menu items iFMC, call forwarding and conferences have been adjusted.

The avatar for a group chat has been adjusted.

A release of the mobile client for iPhone will follow shortly.