Enhanced feature set for STARFACE NEON

A few weeks ago, we carried out a survey among the users of STARFACE NEON Public Beta. Many thanks for your extensive feedback and suggestions!

Based on this user feedback, we are continuing to develop STARFACE NEON on a permanent basis and have already extended several features over the last few weeks:

  • Extension to 24 participants
  • Multi-participant view, even with fullscreen
  • Optimization of bandwidth management
  • Stability with network fluctuations

And now, a further frequently requested feature for STARFACE NEON is available: the chat!

The following items are also in the pipeline and and will be automatically integrated in STARFACE NEON over the next few weeks:

  • Access to the UCC Client
  • Browser-independent usage of STARFACE NEON
  • Plan future meetings
  • Invite participants directly from STARFACE NEON
  • NEON apps for iPhone and Android

Extension of free Beta phase

And one more piece of good news – we are extending usage free of charge until the fall of 2020. You can therefore continue to use STARFACE NEON beyond July 1 without restrictions and according to German data protection standards.

If you have not yet submitted feedback to our video meeting platform or would like to contribute further suggestions, please do so here

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