starface benutzeroberfläche mit apple carplay integration

Making calls with Apple CarPlay: STARFACE in the car

The STARFACE App for iOS has a new valuable feature – the integration of the STARFACE telephone system with Apple CarPlay. This allows iPhone users to manage their phone calls in CarPlay-enabled vehicles using a dedicated STARFACE user interface. So even when you’re on the go with Apple CarPlay, you stay in your familiar communication environment.

The advantages of the STARFACE App for iOS in the car

The integration of our telephone system with Apple CarPlay is possible from version 8.1 of the STARFACE App for iOS. This opens up a wide range of new functions for our users and makes making calls in the car safe and user-friendly:

  • Managing incoming and outgoing calls: Calls can be made and received conveniently via the STARFACE user interface in the car.
  • Easy to start calls: Our app for iOS allows you to start calls in a variety of ways with Apple CarPlay. This includes using Siri voice control, selecting contacts from the call history, and dialing numbers from favorites and the phone book.
  • Quick access to the call history: The integration ensures that the call history and call list are available on the go. Users can therefore access past calls and important information at any time.
  • Status display of contacts: In addition, the integration offers a status display for contacts who are on the same STARFACE system. This information is available in both favorites and call history.

How to make calls with Apple CarPlay

The new version of the STARFACE App for iOS is available for download in the App Store. Detailed instructions and further information on CarPlay support can be found in our Knowledge Base.

Overall, the integration of the STARFACE IP telephone system with Apple CarPlay provides a convenient and safe way to manage communication in the car. This solution makes calling while driving easier and more efficient. Take advantage of our telephone system on the go and experience mobile, professional business communication made in Germany.