Benefits of STARFACE

This post gives you an overview of the STARFACE license model. STARFACE’s license model is user-related, which means that the phone number is linked to the user and not to the end device. The number of end devices per user is unlimited. The STARFACE operating environments are licensed via service licenses (Appliance, VM Edition, Cloud).

The highlights of the STARFACE license model in detail:

  • One-number concept: All end devices for each user can be reached at one phone number
  • Can be expanded in 1 user steps – this enables maximum flexibility in expansion
  • Investment security: Purchased user licenses can be transmitted to all STARFACE appliances of the respective customer (for example in the event of location closures, the licenses can continue to be used at other locations.
  • Future-proof thanks to update contract: The STARFACE system will always be up-to-date from the point of view of software (the same also applies for UCC clients and mobile clients). 
  • Module testing – For a limited time, import a free module license and start a test
  • Affordable User Light licenses, for example, for telephony in workshops or hotels, fax functionality, etc.
  • User licenses and STARFACE UCC client licenses are dissociated from each other – thus enabling maximum flexibility and a suitable number of licenses for all scenarios
  • Update contract and number of used licenses are transparent at all times.
  • Licenses can be generated 24/7 online and used – no delay for short-term needs
  • STARFACE cloud users can be activated or deactivated at any time – “pay as you grow”
  • In the STARFACE rental model STARFACE 365, newly acquired licenses automatically adapt to runtime and payment intervals without any unnecessary bureaucracy.