starface release 8.1

STARFACE 8.1 - Highlights in Interview

As part of our brand-new software release STARFACE 8.1, we spoke with Senior Product Manager Roy. In a brief interview, he points out the highlights of the new version. He also reveals what sustainable changes this release brings for our users and partner companies.

New Firmware Server

Hi Roy. Thanks for taking the time. What can STARFACE partners expect from our new release STARFACE 8.1?
Hello. You’re welcome! We have some exciting updates, particularly our new firmware server and the revamped certificate management. Both will significantly enhance the efficiency and security of our systems.

That sounds promising. Let’s start with the new firmware server. How does it change the firmware management?
The firmware server is a milestone for us and will fundamentally change firmware management. In the past, the firmware was an integral part of every release. Now we can provide it centrally and independent of the release. This results in a significantly faster deployment time for firmware updates and a massive reduction in storage space requirements. Each PBX only receives the specific firmware it actually needs, and not everything in a blanket approach. This makes our system considerably more agile.

And how does this change affect the older appliance models?
It allows us to focus our resources on the latest and most efficient models. The discontinuation of older models is a necessary decision to ensure the usual high quality and performance. The models Compact-SIP V1, Pro V5/V6, Advance V5, Enterprise V5, and Platinum V5 will therefore no longer be supported with STARFACE 8.1, but this does not mean that they will become unusable immediately.

Improved Certificate Management

Interesting. Can you also tell us about the revamped certificate management? What improvements does it bring?
Certificate management was another focus for us. We have optimized management, combined the various storage locations for trusted certificates, and provide new REST interfaces for easier integration. This simplifies the process of certificate management, ensures security for future updates and restorations, and significantly reduces complexity and susceptibility to errors.

Use via Terminal Server and MS Teams

Also, the use of STARFACE via terminal server becomes more comfortable with STARFACE 8.1, correct?
Correct! With STARFACE 8.1, we have integrated a long-awaited function that allows call acceptance to be started directly on the terminal server. This greatly simplifies handling and improves the user experience, particularly for companies that rely on terminal server environments. This extension ensures that STARFACE operates seamlessly and efficiently in such setups.

Will this also be the case when working with MS Teams?
Yes, the function for accepting calls on the terminal server is also available in the STARFACE App for integration into MS Teams. This allows for even smoother communication and collaboration.

The Future of STARFACE Releases

Does the new release also bring new devices that are officially supported?
In this release, the integration of the SNOM D862 and D865 expands our range of supported devices. This opens up new options for end customers.

What does the future look like for STARFACE releases, especially with the changes introduced with this release?
With STARFACE 8.1, we are starting a new chapter. We are in the process of establishing a new lifecycle management for appliances to provide clear guidelines and a structured approach for updates and upgrades. Similarly, our release strategy is changing: we are aiming for one major release per year and smaller, focused updates in between. This will make maintenance and care efforts for our partners easier to plan and implement in the future.

That sounds great. Thank you for your time and the insights!

STARFACE 8.1 now available

The new release is now available. Contact your STARFACE partner to update your system and benefit from the latest features and functions. Detailed release notes for all our products can always be found in our Knowledge-Base.

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