From now on, you can reserve meeting rooms in STARFACE NEON

The first step in the direction of planned video meetings has been taken – from now on, you can reserve rooms for future meetings in STARFACE NEON and send the meeting link to participants in advance. A planned STARFACE NEON meeting can thus start directly at the defined time. 

How to use the meeting rooms:

  • Reserve a meeting room here.
  • The meeting room must be protected by a password. This makes sense because the meeting room can be called up by the room name and is protected from uninvited guests by the password.
  • Optionally, you can assign a name for the meeting room. The room name is unique and belongs to the meeting room as long as it exists.
  • While unused, the meeting rooms have an expiration period of 45 days. Meetings can thus be organized not just once but on a recurring basis in a STARFACE NEON meeting room.
  • You can copy the meeting data generated at reservation directly and insert it in the meeting invitation of your email program.
  • Participants can call up the meeting from the meeting link, the meeting ID or the room name.