An Overview of the Most Important STARFACE Modules

You can enhance your telephone system according to your own needs with one of the optional STARFACE modules. When your company grows, your requirements also grow! STARFACE offers the appropriate extensions for increasing demands in the business communication sector. In comparison with other manufacturers, STARFACE is an absolutely open system.

Standard STARFACE Modules

The following STARFACE modules are standard in every STARFACE system:

Announcements Before Answering/Ansage vor Melden

Using this module, audio files (such as announcements) can be played if a call is made to the phone number of a user or a group. It is possible to play on-hold music for the caller instead of the traditional dial tone. You can read more information about this module here.


With this module, you can signal a pre-defined phone number externally. To do this, you call the module configuration and specify the destination phone number. The module then sets up an outgoing call to the entered destination phone number, where the number stored in the module configuration is signaled. This enables field service staff, for example, to transfer their office number to the call destination instead of their mobile number. You can read more information about this module here.

Executive Secretary/Chefsekretärin

Forwarded calls from various different caller (groups) can be configured to two separate destination phone numbers with this module. You can find more information on this module here.

Memo to me/Memo an mich

This module offers the option of recording a voice file on the phone via a configured phone number. The recording is only sent via e-mail. This module is particularly suitable for recording message texts that are used in other modules. During the recording itself, the caller is led through a voice menu with various different options and key inputs. You can find more information on this module here.

STARFACE Archiving/STARFACE Archivierung

This module archives the call lists (CDR), the faxes, the voice messages and call recordings on a time-controlled basis in a Windows Share (network release). After successful archiving, the contents are deleted in the STARFACE system. You can find more information in the STARFACE Knowledge System.

Voicemail Retrieval/Voicemail Abfrage

This module enables STARFACE voicemail boxes to be queried via external phone numbers. You can find more information here.

Time-Controlled Redirection/Zeitgesteuerte Umleitung

Time-controlled call redirections can be defined for freely configurable phone numbers with different destinations using this module. “Time-controlled redirection“ is one of the most important and powerful tools to reproduce various scenarios and requirements such as call directions for public holidays, night-time connections, on-call services, sorting according to country codes, etc. The module “Time-controlled redirection“ can be used in an extremely versatile manner. You  can find more information here.

Other STARFACE Modules

You can order more STARFACE modules via the Partner Shop subject to charge:

  • Single-level IVR
  • Multi-level IVR
  • Group-related call barring
  • IQueue skill-based routing 1 group
  • Ringtones
  • Redirect exception
  • Call-hunting hotline
  • Redundancy
  • Call-in conference
  • Blacklist for PBX
  • Group-specific ringtones
  • User-related call barring
  • Mail2Fax
  • ModCall
  • Call recording settings
  • Group-related recording
  • Callback request via email
  • Queue priority-based routing group

Next week we will look at the topic “3rd-party modules” for the STARFACE system.